One Proven Way of Installing Windows & Doors

Your Installation Guide

Your installation is just around the corner so it's time to prepare for the big day! This guide has been carefully compiled using the accumulated knowledge and tried and tested procedure of our experienced installation team, so please take the time to read it through, and make some preparations. 

Just Before Installation

Please ensure you disconnect any alarms prior to the arrival of our installers, remove breakables and furniture around the installation area in each room. We will contact you the day before arrival to tell you about your expert installation team and ensure there are no last minute questions to answer.

Installation Day
On the day our fitters will introduce themselves, communicate the programme of works and ask if they are any specific requirements of the day.

Our approach is usually to start on the first floor or top floor of a property working our way down to the ground floor, installing all windows first with doors generally being the last items installed.

We will the prepare the installation and surrounding areas using protection film, sheets and external sheeting where needed.
Our Installers are trained to high standards and observe strict guidelines when fitting products, installation teams are prepared with a fitting pack and check every product and check each aperture the products are going in to before commencing installation.

Existing windows and doors are removed with care to preserve the internal and external finish of your homes, wherever possible.

Our JB Way is to minimize use of trims both internally and externally favouring a “like for like” finishes approach using traditional materials which help to maintain the aesthetics and integrity of your property. Although your bespoke windows and doors have been tailor made in the factory for you there may be some adjustments needed achieve the best possible fit on site.

The area surrounding the installation is made good as part of the installation process to a standard that can then be finished by your decorator. 

After Installation

Products will be thoroughly cleaned, all areas inside and outside of the installation area will be returned as found.
Our installation team will demonstrate the function of the products, locks and hinges clearly explained.
We like to take photos of the installed products for our internal records only. However, please do indicate to us if we are able to use these for marketing purposes, so we can tell your story.
When all your questions have been answered we will ask you to sign to confirm the installation is complete, the final payment will then become due to close the contract and we can then issue your guarantees as well as FENSA certification
We offer a comprehensive warranty service, therefore if an issue does arise 1 week or 5 years later please contact your local showroom who will be more than happy to arrange for one of our service engineers to visit you. Please find the details of your local showroom on our website:

What if something goes wrong?

We are proud of our products and our installations however on the occasion where something does go wrong or your unhappy at any stage of the project please do call our customer service team who will look to resolve or answer any queries as quickly as possible.

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