Measuring and Installing Copenhagen Blinds

Measuring for Copenhagen Blinds

You need to provide us with the width and height of your desired blind (not the window/door) in mm, the place/name of your blind, desired colour and quantity required.

We recommend that you take measurements in a minimum of three places horizontally and two places vertically, which will take into account any imbalances not visible to the eye.

Installing Copenhagen Blinds

Connect the Gateway to the internet with the white LAN cable and power up the Gateway. It can take 10 minutes to connect, but then you will see three green lights on the side of the Gateway.

Next, download the Art Anderson app from Google Play or iTunes. Register as a new user, and then follow the guide in the app to install your Gateway. You can also manually install the Gateway using the unique LAN MAC address, a 12-digit number on the back of the device.

You can now install your Copenhagen Blind using the brackets provided. Once the blind is in position click the two buttons on either side of the blind simultaneously for two seconds, until you see a green light. After a while you will see the blind appear in your app. Give your blind a name/location to ensure that you can distinguish it from other blinds in your app.