French Doors

French Doors trace their origin back to the 17th Century and the Renaissance. The basic design idea behind renaissance architecture is a sense of proportion, symmetry and harmony.

French Doors really embody these qualities as they bring balance and light from the garden space into the house.

At Jack Brunsdon our French Doors combine modern comfort with the look of a traditional French Door. You can design yours to reflect your original Georgian style house or go completely contemporary with a sleek simple design. The options are endless.

If you are looking for a French Door with very fine detailing, you can choose our own Cottage Window as the framework of your French door. This style of French door has a very slim wooden frame and meeting rails and maximizes the glass area for more light to come into your room.

To keep your home safe, our French Doors are highly secure with a multi-point locking system. All our glass is always glazed from the inside of the door which prohibits intruders from gaining entry by removing the glass.